Why Mysteeq?

Mysteeq was born as a simple idea of sharing old forgotten concoctions that mothers passed on to their children over the years – simple home remedies created using everyday household ingredients.

MYSTEEQ aims to provide the best solutions in Skincare & Beauty experience, enhancement, and protection strongly grounded in the belief of affordable luxury.

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Learn More About The Benefits Of Our Hero Ingredients!

Our Products are created using unique combinations of natural ingredients and breakthrough actives. Read about the qualities and benefits of our hero ingredients.
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  • After using the products for a week, my skin looks even and glows. I like all the products, especially the cleanser. I wear makeup everyday and had 3 steps to remove makeup, the Sanderic cleanser made those 3 steps into 1. The product not just cleanses perfectly but also keeps the moisture. The essence, serum, the face lotion and face oil boost up looking of my skin very even, youthful and glow. Amazing products.
    Remi Ho

  • Saffrose is the most refreshing essence I have encountered and used. Its an incredible delight to the senses.
    The Canadianness in Mysteeq is truly showcased and appreciated.
    Anurag Shourie
  • Absolutely stunning products. Loving it.
    Aman Gill
  • Using Mysteeq, my skin becomes more soft and radiant- trust me I have endorsed all brands but Mysteeq has beaten all of them for me
  • Products feel amazing on the skin- great combination of ingredients
    Aparna M
  • Omg, they are amazing- light and refreshing
    Priya Sharma
  • All products are great and feel amazing on the skin
    Anjali Mahay
  • Mysteeq is here to stay
    Vijaya Seth
  • In love with your products
    Seema Sahni
  • I am loving the products
    Gargi Sethi
  • I have to say Mysteeq is an amazing skin care product
    Angela K
  • An exciting new skin care product line out of Edmonton
    Cindy Berg

  • I LOVE the products and I mean LOVE so much. The cleanser is so amazing I cannot believe the way it removes makeup, the toner is unbelievable and so is the moisturizer. So many great things about your products, I love the packaging too.
    Carrie Doll

  • The skincare line is absolutely amazing and we have fallen in love – all the products are gentle and leave our skin feeling soft, supple and soothed. No harsh chemicals used and sensitive skin loved soaking everything in. The results have been beautiful and we have brighter, smoother skin that glows.
  • Good for delicate skin types, not heavy and not too much weight on the skin. Cleanser – good for sensitive skin, easy application, no residue, dissolves well. serum feels healthy and has good ingredients, has a whitening effect. Essence is refreshing with good hydration, feels light and absorbed smoothly. Cream hydrates well with an enriching feel. Oil seems to seal cream and moisture well – like another layer of protection.
  • Cleanser-gentle and mild/ essence – I liked the best. Gentle scent sprayed on face makes freshness after cleansing/ moisturizer last all day long which was very satisfying
  • Gorgeous look and feel.
    Mary J

  • Loved this Face Oil by Mysteeq. Thanks for introducing such an amazing product. Simply love using it
    Babita G. Mehra

Works For Everyone

Beauty Tips & Secrets For You

As a skin care manufacturer, I am often asked about Eczema and if we have any natural products at MYSTEEQ to take care of it.
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Henna is a powder derived from crushing the henna leaves.It has been used as a Cooling agent in hot summer months.
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Turmeric is one of those few ingredients which we can carry from our pantry to our medicine cabinet to our vanity table.
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Mysteeq's Beaker And Pestle Regimen

Sleep, Drink Water & Treat your skin. Show your skin a little love with Mysteeq's Beaker & Pestle Regimen!
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