Wholesale Terms and Conditions

All retail carriers of MYSTEEQ products will be provided with promotional materials for display in you store. Along with this, your business will be featured on our website under our “retail locations” page including your business information, your retail location(s) and a link to your website.

All pricing is suggested at our online retail rates. You are free to offer our products at rates other than our suggested retail rates, however; MYSTEEQ does not guarantee profit margins on our products. Periodically MYSTEEQ will offer discounted rates to our customers, this does not mean that your pricing has to reflect our discounted rates.

Opening orders are a minimum of $ 500 CAD wholesale price, subsequent purchases after that require minimum of $ 500 CAD wholesale price. All wholesale orders will be placed online through mysteeq.com or by writing to info@mysteeq.com and paid for prior to shipment. Retailers will be provided their own account access code to use at any time once accepted. To keep your contract valid and in effect a minimum of $2,000 CAD must be purchased annually.

We strive to ship complete orders, but on occasion we run out of our most popular products. If this is the case we will contact you to give you the option to change your order or wait for the item to restock. All backorders will be noted on your invoice and will be shipped out as soon as possible. MYSTEEQ will pay for any additional shipping charges on backorders. We will not cancel backorders unless requested.

We ship our products via Canada Post Xpress post, which comes with minimum $5000 insurance on all our packages and tracking. If something were to happen while in shipment we will do our best to replace your order promptly. There is no return policy. It is your responsibly as a retailer to sell the product before expiry. Expired product must be disposed of at your expense, refunds for expired product will not be offered.

Products damaged from shipping will gladly be replaced. We take care in trying to ensure that all of our products are packed with care. If your order does arrive broken please contact info@mysteeq.com immediately with pictures and a list of broken items. We will do our best to ensure that we have replacement product sent out at no charge as soon as possible. In the past during the winter months we have found that some of our product may freeze during shipping, please rest assured that the products are not damaged they will just need time to thaw and may need a shake if separation has occurred.

All wholesale terms and codes are to be kept confidential. Failure to keep terms, rates & codes in confidence will result in immediate termination of this contract. MYSTEEQ reserves it rights and ownership of all trademarks, images, marketing materials, branding and skin care formulations. Any attempts to replicate, reproduce or alter any of the above stated shall result in immediate contract termination and appropriate legal action will be pursued.

MYSTEEQ reserves the right to refuse sales or cease sales at our discretion. Please note that it is illegal to supply misleading, false or fraudulent information to obtain discounted purchases for anything other than resale purposes.

This contract between MYSTEEQ and the below signed shall remain in effect for the duration of one year and shall be considered received, renewed and current with all subsequent purchases by the below stated retail carrier or its representatives.

These terms and conditions apply to the supply of goods by MYSTEEQ to you the retail carrier and are relevant from the date of acceptance and or date of the below stated retail carriers last purchase whichever is more recent. All applications are reviewed and only accepted for stores that we feel complement our products and brand. MYSTEEQ terms and conditions are subject to change as deemed necessary. This contract is considered legally binding and accepted by the below signed parties.

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