The Beginning

Mysteeq was born as a simple idea of sharing old forgotten concoctions that mothers passed on to their children over the years – simple home remedies created using everyday household ingredients.

As our founder, Lavanya says, ” I would come back home from a crazy photoshoot and apply this soothing mask made of chickpea flour, rose water, and yogurt. After 15 minutes, my skin was super soft and supple despite all the makeup and environmental vagaries that I was exposed to.”

When these ideas started gaining popularity amongst friends and family, Lavanya started exploring the idea of creating a clean natural skincare line that would unlock mysteries’ of the past and further be enhanced by modern breakthroughs in skincare science – that is how MYSTEEQ was born!


MYSTEEQ aims to provide the best solutions in Skincare & Beauty experience, enhancement, and protection strongly grounded in the belief of affordable luxury. The first line to be launched by MYSTEEQ is the Beaker & Pestle all-natural skincare line leveraging ancient skincare methodologies and ingredients used in different cultures along with modern breakthroughs and actives combining the best of both worlds.

Our products are made with unique, natural and ethically sourced ingredients.
Simple, customizable and luxurious skincare solutions at an affordable price.
We combine ancient beauty regimens with modern breakthroughs in skincare.
Certified Cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program.

Our Philosophy

It is our endeavor to create products which offer you the best of ancient and modern, products that are clean but super effective, products that are luxurious but affordable, products that will constantly strive to be better as we learn and grow with research and development.

Get To Know Our Founders

Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder And Chief Operating Officer

Being a Beauty Pageant winner, a renowned model and an Indian film actress, Lavanya has been associated with the beauty and entertainment industry for over 20 years. And, that is what inspired her to include organic grounded methods in her daily skin and health care regimen. She went on to create her own recipes in food and skincare which were loved by her friends and associates alike. This further prompted her to create MYSTEEQ – to unravel the mysteries of beauty through time-tested traditional beauty recipes passed on through generations. Today, as the founder of Mysteeq, Lavanya oversees the formulation and creation of all the products under the banner and ensures that it unlocks the perfect beauty secret!

Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer

Viviana Yepes is a Chemical Technologist/Cosmetic Formulator and the co-owner of Mysteeq.
After graduating from the chemical technology program, she entered the cosmetic industry in which she specialized in natural products. She then continued her education by obtaining a degree in Technology Management back in 2020.
Viviana has now been in the cosmetic industry for over 7 years researching and formulating natural personal care products that range from body care, hair care, face care & more. Her passion is to create innovative and unique products that align with the mission of being eco-friendly, natural and safe for the people and the environment. 

Viviana Yepes
Chemical Technologist/Cosmetic Formulator And Co-Owner

Both Lavanya and Rajesh are business graduates with strong value systems, convictions, ability, and capability to create customer-relevant products and brands.

Harmony & Beauty- Our Logo & Design

The MYSTEEQ logo symbolizes the beautiful mountains and the design incorporates the colors of Aurora Borealis.

The colors, the logo, and the design stand for harmony and natural beauty, which is exactly what the brand strives to deliver. How we look always matters because it reflects how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us!

For every brand there is a story and the design has to resonate with that story. MYSTEEQ is an all Canadian Skincare brand, born in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies not far from the stunning Canadian Glaciers where often the sky gets lit by beautiful Northern lights. That is what we have tried to incorporate in our design and logo!

The Journey To Discover The Secrets Of Beauty

The MYSTEEQ journey speaks of relentless months of research and formulations, perfecting combinations, efficacies, and stability. In an industry where every single day a new breakthrough is introduced, our team of expert formulators works constantly to test out the best combinations of ingredients to create the most effective and luxurious products.

At our labs in Edmonton Research Park, we create, research, and customize the very best skincare products! With an AI-backed platform that can analyze skin types, we have the ability to offer you specific boosters that can address your unique skin concerns.

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